Replaying Our Favourite Moments From 25 Episodes

Replaying Our Favourite Moments From 25 Episodes


There is currently an ugly virus sweeping the globe, however, the real pandemic crumbling society is limited self-belief, and a social structure that ridicules anyone trying to break free from this sickness.

Starting a podcast was always one of those "would be cool" thoughts, until out of nowhere, we made the choice to get out of our own way and pull the trigger. Barely a few days had passed before we were in the studio, mic'd up and asking each other "what the fk are we going to talk about". Ladies & gentlemen, this was the birth of Before The Money.

Yes, it is important to do everything to the best of your ability, however, when this ideology stops you from doing anything at all, it is time to throw out the plans and just take the first step. This was the method that got us going, and before we could even realise what we were doing, we had 25 episodes under our belt and 99% of the nerves were PERMANENTLY SQUASHED.

If you have been hanging around for a while, you know that drive & ambition (in whatever form it manifests itself within you) stand at the core of what this show (and team) are all about.

To celebrate the triumphs of our first 25 episodes and all the incredible people that have accompanied this journey, we are going to replay some of our favourite moments to date (this was an impossible decision).

Episode replays in order of Appearance:
Episode 03, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12, Episode 24



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