Becoming Bulletproof With Zac McFarlane

Becoming Bulletproof With Zac McFarlane

This episode is a rollercoaster... from dramatic highs to incredibly raw and honest lows. On behalf of the entire BTM team, we thank you for bringing us along this journey with you Zac.

We cover his battle with school bullying, self-esteem, tinnitus (constant ringing in the ear) and ego, but this story has a happy ending. As he walks us through what motivated him to persevere and overcome the adversities of life, we are shown a story of self acceptance.

Our goal with this podcast episode was to shine a beacon of light for all those currently experiencing hardship and remind us that there is always a way out if we continue to push.

Zac is the Co-owner of Horizon Adventure Co, a company devoted to exploring the natural wonders of this beautiful world.

Thanks for tuning in & enjoy!


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