A Life Of Adventure With Holli Spencer

A Life Of Adventure With Holli Spencer


Holli Spencer is an interior designer, business owner, proud cat Mumma and above all an amazing energy to be around.

Her business, Horizon Adventure, co-owned by her partner and past Podcast Guest, Zac Mcfarlane (Ep 12), is a fleet of unique off-road and road trip vehicles equipped with custom trip itineraries, movie projectors and all the luxuries you could imagine needing to explore Australia in comfort and style.

One of the topics covered in this episode includes Holli opening up about her history in the modelling industry, why she left and the mental challenges she faced while navigating the complicated arena of beauty & fashion.

By now hopefully, you are starting to see a trend in our guests... We admire ambition!

No matter the field of interest, we love feeling the passion of someone chasing their dreams and Holli is a shining example of this.

Thanks for your time guys, Enjoy!

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