NOAH - Soundtrack To Success

NOAH - Soundtrack To Success

NOAH is a Sydney based Hip-Hop Artists.


When I first came into contact with his work on an Instagram live, I was captivated by not only his talent & lyricism but mostly the content he discussed.

His music features values that I hold in very high regard such as expanding consciousness, optimising your body, mind & soul, reading books and progressing your life for the greater good.

This episode is releasing just in time for his new album ‘I Am’ dropping on the 22/2/22 (a very well balanced number!).

Some of the topics we covered include:

  • Harnessing your creativity
  • Inspiration & process for the album
  • The effects of Habits & life structure for success
  • Influential books
  • Finding & accepting your passions

And much more.


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