Naked Coffee Chats With Tom

Naked Coffee Chats With Tom


Tommy Miller is an Ice Hockey-loving Minnesotan living it up in sunny Gold Coast, Australia. About as far away as you could get from ice & snow.

Tom is one of those guys who is constantly looking at life through a sun-shined lens, sporting a ‘can-do' attitude that is nothing short of infectious.

In this episode, we really get to know Tom and enjoy an open discussion involving stories from his podcast - Naked Coffee Chats With Tom - and practical advice he wishes he was able to tell himself in his younger years.

It is obvious that he is the type of guy to carve out his own path in life, however, excepting this journey has been a long slog when others around him failed to grasp a perspective & mentality that sits outside of the norm. Naturally… Tom slotted right in at Before The Money.

Thanks to all your incredible support, our listeners,  we are celebrating a successful quarter-century (25 episodes) of Before The Money. We could not have imagined the joy and fulfilment this show would bring to us and so many who tune in every week. Thank you all.

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