Edward Maradona - Building A Million Dollar Brand

Edward Maradona - Building A Million Dollar Brand

Edward Maradona is a Perth based Entrepreneur, Breakdancer & Fashion Designer.



He has performed on television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, and in 2013, stepped hard into the fashion scene to launch luxury streetwear store & brand, Cabinet Noir.

His work has been recognised around the world in prominent fashion publications such as Sneaker Freaker & HypeBeast, And his passion is infectious.

There was so much value in today’s episode, regarding fashion & culture, but the wisdom shared from Edwards life & business experiences have had a valuable influence on decisions I have made within my business since our conversation.

Some of the topics we chatted about include:

  • How to start a brand
  • Defining your audience
  • Personal brand vs business brand
  • The background of fashion in hip-hop & breakdancing
  • Becoming a stockist for the very exclusive
  • Home Plus range from Comme Des Garcons
  • Communicating through fashion
  • How to structure a brand timeline
  • Understanding trends & what to look for
  • Inside stories of partnering with prominent sneaker brands like Nike & Yeezy
  • Manifestation, spirituality & so much more.



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