Unlock Your Greatness With The Brotherhood

Unlock Your Greatness With The Brotherhood


Cato Sibthorpe & Guy Anderson are the inspirational founders of Brotherhood Gold Coast, a unique program designed to help men get in shape, open consciousness & connect with emotions.

Running on a high frequency with eyes wide open for opportunity, these boys saw a huge lack of positive masculine role models in modern society and took it upon themselves to fill that gap.


In this episode, we dive in to:

  • Brotherhood. How it started & where it’s going.
  • A near-death experience that started it all.
  • The power of manifestation & the mind.
  • Vision boards, energy & imagination.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Even including a guided meditation session at the end.

It was an honour to have you both on and look forward to watching you grow!

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Hosted by Jack William
Recorded @ Electric Sugar Studios

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