7th Era & North Borders - Inside The Minds of Full-Time Content Creators

Liam ( 7th Era ) & Mike ( North Borders ) are two creatives who have worked tirelessly to build their combined +1 Million strong audience across Instagram & YouTube, and now live a life most of us dream of one day living.

They take us through their journey to becoming full-time content creators, exciting experiences, what they have learnt and what they would have done differently.

Within minutes of meeting the boys, their pure passion & humble love for creating was evident and no doubt plays a pivotal role in their success.

A massive shout out to The Before The Money team for pulling it together on only 2 hours of sleep, and a huge thank you to Liam & Mike for coming into the studio and sharing some laughs.

Enjoy guys!

Liam ( 7th Era ) - Instagram & Youtube
Mike ( North Borders ) - Instagram & Youtube

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