Is Life Without Government Really Possible?

 [ Anarchy ] — 'A state of society without government'

To half of you, the thought of life without government sounds terrifying, while the other half cheer. Both are completely reasonable responses; After all, most media has only shown us one side of the story.

What would happen to our communities without government? We have seen the failed attempts… you know, the violence and chaos.

But what would it take for Anarchy - a world without government - to actually succeed?

History tells us we all need to make 3 fundamental changes.

Although rules have always played the role of an annoying little brother towards our wildest ideas, realistically, we are not out here trying to overthrow any governments. We do, however, strongly support our communities making an effort to:

    1. Accept difference and change
    2. Trust ourselves and others
    3. Love & appreciate with empathy

You have heard the story before. Governments segregate us by race, income, history, whatever it takes to keep us occupied defending our beliefs, so we never realise our freedom is slipping away.

This definitely sounds catchy and would make living without a babysitter (government) virtually impossible. Still, I feel we are much smarter than that.

After all, we decide how we view our world, right?

Regardless, the logic just doesn't add up:

Of course every human is equal… Someone growing up 10,000km away in a different country has a different opinion; who wouldn't have guessed that?

At the end of the day, our own fear is stopping us from living in a world without government, not the news, or dare I say it... "them".

On the bright side, fear is something we have control over.

Imagine a world where chasing your passion and "impossible" goals is not only tolerated but celebrated.

Imagine a world where different cultures mesh together, sharing ideas, rituals and generations of experience.

Imagine a world where all humans collaborate to reverse generations of spiritual, cultural & environmental destruction caused by miseducation & greed.

In a world where acceptance, trust, and empathy are the benchmark for how we treat each other, we can begin to experience abundance beyond our belief.

We are most definitely not all to blame for our current situation, but we are just like the worst of them if we refuse to change.

Vote for the future you imagine with the actions you take every day.

Make a stranger smile, give an unexpected gift or say thank you to someone who needs it.

This is a call to anyone willing to lead the change in how we treat each other, and maybe one day, we will live in a world without government.

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